A Sweet Escape at Dampalitan Island



A few minutes from Borawan is another hidden treasure of Padre Burgos, Quezon Province – Dampalitan Island. It has the regular offerings of any other paradise – picturesque view, soothing breeze, and the familiar stroke of the summer sun. This place right here became the highlight of our Padre Burgos adventure.



Pine Trees along the shoreline



Since we were practically starting out as a couple, we were blessed with such privacy that it bordered to being creepy (only because of movies like Turistas, A Perfect Getaway, Wolf Creek). We immediately learned that we again have the island all to ourselves (minus some few souls who are employed to watch over sightseers). So it was settled, we are going to camp for the night and have ourselves an ultimate outdoor/beachfront experience!



clean water – ideal for swimming 😀



So much for the night ahead – it was almost lunch and we still don’t have anything to satisfy our already impatient appetite. As if it was from a movie scene, a local fisherman passed by with his fresh catch for that day – just what we needed for a feast. Using available resources, Tay prepared a lovely version of the classic Sinigang. 



Sinigang na Bisugo sa Sabaw ng Buko at Dahon ng Dayap






Chilling – just chilling!


Siesta Time!



The rest of the day was spent swimming and exploring the whole island. We were able to get to the other side of it as well.



the other side of Dampalitan




di ma-perfect!



To honor the day that can only be described as Perfect, we built a fire – also to pay homage for the darkness that has been the kingdom of the Lady Nyx. Above anything else, it was romantic. With the stars adding grandeur and every breath bringing tranquility, it was and will always be a great place to be inlove  *blush*.


light my fire!



The gentle sea breeze was tasked to welcome the new morrow – perfect time for a quick stroll along the shore.



Good morning Dampalitan!


Photo Op1


Photo Op2




Photo Op3



Being in an isolated place – with no regular supply of water and electricity made us appreciate the things we usually squander. Simplicity is such a rarity that every taste becomes a treasured opportunity. Can’t help but to feel Blessed we are alive – we ought to be thankful we are alive.


Thank you Padre Burgos – see you next time! There’s definitely a next time.




Dampalitan Island

Padre Burgos, Quezon

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  2. Tannix says:

    Recipe for the Sinigang please! LOL

    This blog is helping me build my travel bucket list for next year! Again, many thanks for the tip guys!

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