At Home In Casa San Pablo

I can still vividly remember our stay in Casa San Pablo.  The place was peaceful, relaxing and serene.


To Casa San Pablo



Father Sun was somewhere else when we visited but that did not keep us from having a blast.


Between the Main Casa and the Gomez Family House



The place was reminiscent of Baguio – minus the chilling air, because of the denizen Pine Trees all over the place.


pine trees


infront of the main casa


Finding a spot to feast on this great spectacle was never a problem. “Everywhere” will give you a unique vantage point of God’s beautiful creation netted on this haven.




like a papag 😀


You can almost hear the whispers and the stories that each corner has to tell. Generations of wonderful journeys and memories pleasantly scattered almost make you feel nostalgic.


magazine clippings, artworks and antiques


Dining Area
(guests can also eat outside – we stayed inside since Pacquiao has a fight the day we arrived in Casa San Pablo)


Things that brought back some of our childhood memories.


a popular horse in the 80’s


Tumbling Tower


The “bed-weather” was certainly not any help to satisfy our livid tummies – as we wait for our meal to be served. Food were all of local cuisine – giving their guests a welcoming change for their slumbering palate.



main casa



As we were ushered to our humble abode, we also had a glimpse of the other rooms. Each one presented a distinct character that should fit the number of souls crashing in. Ours was definitely delightful.


the one on the left is our Casita



outside our Casita – Room 12



There are two sets of sliding glass doors. This one opens to a great view of the palm garden.


We enjoyed the details and the functionality our room provided. And the artworks – we are no experts, but definitely appreciated them.


Inside Room 12


Next day was somewhat a different story – with an almost generous supply of sunshine, we were able to explore other parts of the place – trust me, they were as great!


sun and tay


first time to see a nest (ata)


tay the balerina




by the pool


one of the rooms


going to the second floor


Gomez Family House
(Where parts of the movie ‘Just One Summer’ were shot)


Other things they offer: cooking lessons and Breakfast All Day from 8AM to 8PM (by reservation).


There’s the Casa San Pablo Native Cooking School.


Casa San Pablo  truly made us feel at home!


after dinner





As the cliche goes – home is where the heart is, Casa San Pablo surely strung some wistful chords that will keep us coming back.


Bye Casa San Pablo!



Casa San Pablo

Barrio San Roque,

San Pablo, Laguna



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6 Responses to At Home In Casa San Pablo

  1. Jennifer Loreno says:

    You make me regret not exploring much over there, and almost make me want to come home. I shall, in time, and you’ll be my travel companion. 🙂

  2. Tannix says:

    I didn’t think that there would be an awesome place like this in Laguna! Perhaps I was just used to the idea that it’s only purpose is for private pools. Lulz.

  3. Troy says:

    looks so peaceful and serene 🙂 reminds me of the family vacation we had in laguna. the place looked a lot like this with all of the foliage and colourful plants 🙂

    thanks for the post! i have a new place to go to when i return home :)) more posts please!!!

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