Boracay + Palawan = Borawan

Our BONPEN exploration was even more hyped after the locals brought up a place they claimed to have Palawan’s grand rock/mountain (whatever they’re called) formations and Boracay’s world famous sand (sans the mob that invaded Aklan’s paradise).  But before this main course, we were first served with an enticing starter – Talabaan Island (Boat ride of 10 to 15 minutes from Vista Playa).


Talabaan Island/Sandbar


taken at Talabaan Island one of our fave cover photos


After some shots of this gorgeous sand bar – we then prepped up for the main event – BORAWAN, here we come!


Boatride to Borawan



And our first glimpse of BORAWAN



Once docked, we wasted no time and immediately surveyed the spot. We were even more thrilled to learn that we have the place all to ourselves. Tay seriously contemplated running buck naked so as to “Bless” the place, good thing he thought better of it.


Borawan from afar

rock formations in Borawan


all ours 😀

clean and clear water


nipa huts can be rented or guests can put up their own tents



Did BORAWAN live up to our expectations? Well, the sand may not be as fine and as white as Boracay’s or the rock formations may not be as majestic as those in Palawan, but we still loved the place. Everybody will still appreciate having to experience a beautiful island that’s unspoiled.



Borawan Beach

Brgy. Lipata,

Padre Burgos, Quezon Province


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  3. D says:

    I’ve been here. 🙂

  4. Ellie Samson says:

    hi guys need boat rent and assistant? BORAWAN , DAMPALITAN and PUTING BUHANGIN ISLAND ? just call/text this no. 09476142289, 09956153995 and look for ate noime …:)
    09085317597 marvin , 09473413419 marlyn .

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