Once a person receives the sacrament of confirmation, he becomes “a soldier of Christ”.


In our chosen Church for our wedding, a couple can only reserve the date of their marriage once they have completed the following requirements:


1. Birth Certificates

2. Baptismal Certificates

3. Confirmation Certificates

4. (3) 2 x 2 Pictures


Since we’re having a December wedding, we need to reserve our chosen date right away.  Unfortunately, Tay has not received the sacrament of Confirmation.  A friend referred us to Villa San Miguel. Right after learning about their ‘express kumpil’, we immediately prepared the requirements and set the most convenient day for Tay to be confirmed.


What are the requirements:

1. Original Birth Certificate

2. Photocopy of Birth Certificate

3. Baptismal Certificate (with ‘for marriage purposes’ annotation  – if you want to get a certificate of confirmation that has the same annotation)

4. Photocopy of Baptismal Certificate

5. Sponsor/s (have a proxy if your sponsor is not available)



Confirmation Schedule:

Thursday – 2:30pm

Sunday – 10:00am


***No prior reservations needed. Just be at the church an hour before the schedule. This is to give you ample time to fill out the form, pay (PhP 600.00) and attend a seminar. Bring a pen.



Kumpilan na!


What to expect?


An orientation/seminar will be provided prior to confirmation. Listen to the instructions and make sure to follow them. The facilitator will tell you when you are supposed to stand up, kneel, or sit and what your responses should be.


Be prepared to listen to a homily that will last for an hour or more.


Certificates are distributed after the ceremony.


You can have your pictures during the confirmation/ceremony  printed out for a hundred bucks.


How to get there?


From Taft Avenue:

Turn Right at Ayala Blvd. > Turn Right at Gen. Solano

After the MalacaƱang Gate, along JP Laurel St. you will see the church on your right.


National Shrine of St. Michael Archangel
Address: 1000 J.P. Laurel St. cor. Gen Solano St .
San Miguel, Manila
Tel: 734-1271
Telefax: 736-1105


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