Instagrille… Instagram for the PC


I recently installed Instagrille application on my laptop.


when you put your mouse pointer on an image, you get an option to like it or put a comment



It is a free desktop app that let’s me access Instagram. In addition to getting the feeds, viewing profile, putting comments and liking a photo, I can also search, share and download an image from Instagram directly to my laptop. Unfortunately, uploading is not supported. It can be installed on PC’s running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and even Windows 8.



another view…



Maybe you are wondering why I am using this app, well…  my phone has a small screen. Having Instagrille gives me a better view of the photos uploaded by my friends and loved ones 😀 Also, I still get to enjoy Instagram without touching my phone and the icon on the task bar makes it easy for me to know if someone I follow uploads a new photo.



clicking on an image will give you a bigger view



Downloading and installing the application was also a breeze. I just went to Pokki’s website then clicked on Instagrille.  After downloading the installer, I just ran the file and then voila! I have Instagrille already.


I don’t mean to state the obvious, but I really like this app (Love it!)  😀


I have no qualms in recommending it. Let me know your experience in case you try it out…



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