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An interesting conversation suddenly pierced through my reverie (actually, just a usual state of, well, blankness, when I want nothing of this world). A mom was giving the details on how her son (I believe was on his senior year) got suspended for having a not-so-ordinary hairdo – MOHAWK! I wasn’t able to get all the juicy details but from what I gathered, her son was confronted (in public) by one of the teachers and was accused of epitomizing the hoodlum within. Her son was brought to the principal’s office and later got suspended. The mother went on to tell how frustrated she was and this and that as I slowly drifted to analyzing this event.



I guess I was not struck by the severity of the punishment (as if the kid did really commit a criminal act), or how pathetic it all seemed (though I don’t have the exact account of the incident) but with how sad the reality presented. It somehow led to a long conversation with myself – as they say, you need to do in order to get some expert advice.


“Have I just uncovered one of the unlikely culprits in spreading cancer that is HYPOCRISY”? For double standard seems to be a trait that has plagued our society since God knows when. This is a general concern about gender, sex, marriage, color, race, religion, choice and practically everything. There’s undeniably an impacting portion of the education structure that breeds BULLIES, perhaps unintentionally promoting another curriculum called Discrimination/Stereotyping. Has the lights of hope suddenly gone fuzzy, or has it gone pitch black?


Definitely not!


Everything should still start at home. The foundation of one’s character still needs to be nurtured and cultivated by our families. But when this fundamental institution falls apart, or becomes dysfunctional (as what the modern tides have brought) – we then rely to schools to uphold the fair moral standards.


I am not discrediting the immense support that the academe has brought to humanity – that is definitely not the intention. I am merely stating an observation.  Sir Ken Robinson gave a very interesting talk at TED where he asked: “Do schools kill creativity?” – Not exactly the same argument, but I do hope you get the connection.


I believe that being, uuuhhhmm, different, or should I say having your own preference is NOT a bad thing nor should it be a basis for biased and negative treatment.


This is a broad and sensitive topic – but I dare put it out there. “An ye harm none, do as ye will” is a very basic and true creed.


Before we integrate elaborate philosophies and complicated teachings, I suggest we start with this basic one first. Might actually be more effective…


I’m just saying.





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