OPM is NOT dead

It’s very ironic that my first post under this category is not going to be about our band (which currently is “under constuction”, well, hiatus if you may, but is most likely heading to oblivion) but would be in response, well – more of like my 2 cents really, to an uproar sparked from a very bold take on the current status of ARTS (as a whole) here in my beloved Philippines. Maybe it was the provoking/ hard-core/ no-holds-barred approach that Leloy Claudio used on his article  that stirred people’s emotions – making it seem like a taboo for anyone to even mention the topic.

There are very few things on the article that I disagree on. Actually, just two:

– “…Of course people will always make music, but that isn’t a sign of life”

My take: OFCOURSE IT IS! if making music is NOT a sign of even the tiniest and significant existence of the art – then what is?!?!




…aside from what I have just stated, I guess you are referring to our mainstream industry when you say it’s, uhhhhmm – d.e.a.d. I agree, local audience really deserve better. There is definitely an epidemic of revivals and too many pogi rock plaguing the airwaves that you will be left dumbfounded. Quick disclaimer: I am not bashing the musical genre – just the quality of songs being shoved by honchos who are too arrogant to acknowledge the need to revolutionize how things are being done.

If anything else, I would say look at our underground scene. Though not as glitzy as the mainstream scene – here is where you will find original and promising talents that will make the naysayers doubt their current stance.   I invite you to enter our world (forgive me, I will include my self) and see how we are thriving. Despite the frustrations and set backs – we stand together. We don’t get compensated, even the luxury of having a crowd on every set to cheer you on but we still play. Move to the next gig and stay optimistic. This is how we have survived.

I firmly believe we have the talents and willing souls who will bravely challenge the norm – the ever dependable Pinoy Musicians! So what is the problem then? (DRUMROLL…)

…the problem is YOU! Yes – YOU! Consumers, listeners, audience, the general public!

Ask yourselves, when was the last time you voted for your favorite local band so it’ll climb the charts? When was the last time you purchased a local artist/s’ record? When was the last time you attended a local gig?

OPM is very alive! YOUR SUPPORT is MISSING. YOUR ardent PATRONAGE, BACKING AND INVESTMENT have been sorely missed since God-knows-when! There’s no one else to blame but YOU!

Kudos to you Leloy – I understand the message you are trying to convey. Thank you for rekindling the interest in OPM. 



This photo is not my own. Was posted in our page and I do not claim rights… dont sue me 😀

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2 Responses to OPM is NOT dead

  1. Tannix says:

    Music, and the arts, is immortal. But I don’t really care if it’s dead or not. I still enjoy OPM in my own way. And as an online friend said, it’s good that this discussion is being brought up. At least we know something is happening to OPM.

    • Tay says:

      true! and i honestly believe that Leloy’s (and the others) intentions are pure. Anyway, need not look far for what audience is hankering for – underground scene has an abundant supply of such talents and genre.

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