The First Crack: Crispy Chicken Skin


Crispy Chicken Skin


Please bear with the lighting and the quality of my video and/or photos. I’m just trying out this D.I.Y. photobox and lights using only my phone’s camera. But anyway, I figured I’d make gaya (using that conio accent) of the people who are doing #instagramyourulam kinda thing and finally share the recipes of the things I’m working on and the food I actually eat. I’m also working (I deliberately used the term to sound as if I’m really pouring my heart and soul into this when in fact I ‘aint got no clue how to go about it) on a book project but the ideas are all over the place. So while my plan is no where near from being achieved, I’d settle for shamelessly making my own hashtag (#jrroyolrecipes and #bigorots) and promote whatever I can.


As for my first post, let me share today’s merienda – Crispy Chicken Skin. I figured this would be the ideal “First” as this is the perfect appetizer, pulutan or ulam. Also, please note that this is as basic as it can get for I only used 3 ingredients. Though most of the time, I toss in some Garam Masala or Curry, paprika and cayenne for that added kick. I didn’t include the sawsawan as this depends on your preference. From pinakurat, catsup, sweet chilli sauce or whatever floats your boat – GO!


Very simple and AFFORDABLE:


Yield: If you can manage peace and order while serving this, this should be enough for at least 3 bellies.



1 kg Chicken Skin

7 g Salt

5 g Pepper




Rinse chicken skin in running water

Optional: parboil chicken skin then discard the stock (this prevents the end product from having that funky and not-so-yummy after taste and smell)

Pre-heat oven at 170 C and chill the beers

In a bowl, season with salt and pepper

Lay the pieces on a baking tray then feed into the oven. At this point, you can do your laundry, watch a couple of episodes of your favorite sitcom or whatever you prefer to pass time as this will take more than an hour (mine took 1 and 30 minutes).


I was able to save at least a cup of heart attack… I mean chicken oil that will surely hit my wok when I make that fried rice or stir fried veggies (for a healthier meal *wink).


Below is the end result and listen to the sound of pure indulgence (note: I didn’t have microphone or whatever)




happy tummy! #nofilter