The Masterchef Journey…

Here’s a very good reason why Tay is missing in action…


He is trying to impress Chef Ferns Aracama, Chef Jayps Anglo, Chef Lau Laudico and Ms. Judy Ann Santos in Masterchef Pinoy Edition.


Here are some snapshots of what he’s been doing…


With Chef Lau in his Profile Shoot



What’s inside the envelope handed by Chef Lau




To watch the video, please click on the link.

Battle for the White Apron





The Masterchef Pinoy Edition Chef Judges…


With Chef Ferns



With Chef Lau after a Masterclass



With Chef Jayps


Cooking demo at the World Trade Center – December 8, 2012



With Ivory and Cons, Chef Lau as Host


Photo grabbed from:


Christmas Party – with Kuya Tolits, Ronnel and Reggie Photo grabbed from Ronnel’s Facebook Page.


Reward for getting the first Silver Apron – Dinner at Alba Restaurant with Mommy Azon


More pictures will be posted soon…


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PS. Thank you so much!!!


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  1. elsa royol cervana says:

    good luck, jay-ar..
    we support you all the way…

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