The World’s Longest Christmas Starts Now

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Yuletide season has officially arrived!


One thing you can add to the uniqueness of the Filipino culture is the fact that we just dont LOVE Christmas – we also love the anticipation which earned us this distinction of having the longest festivity. It goes to show how fun-loving-people we truly are and I’d say the positivity that’s inherent to Pinoy blood.


“Let’s light our Christmas trees for a bright tomorrow. Where nations are at peace,  and all are one in God. ” ~ from the song Christmas in Our Hearts




There are so many things about Christmas that make me giddy and genuinely excited as the September breeze brings back great childhood memories. Old school traditions that never go out of style that somehow helped shape the person that I am today.


Christmas feast never fails to bring back restless souls who have traveled far and wide.  


Half of the Family 😀


As we all grow old, we let life take its course and lead us hither and tither, wild and slow  -wandering to corners we never thought exist. God, as Mighty and Wise as He always is, gives us an anchor that’s tied in His loving hands – not letting us go astray. Reminding you of the warmth, serenity and love. So for us Filipinos, Christmas will always be our home, that one sure thing we can all look forward to – the harbor that will always mend our souls.


Advance Merry Christmas Everyone!


PS: Tay, I still want my Giant Parol (the one from Pampanga)! 😀


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