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I know how to commute using public utility jeepney/bus but I still prefer taking the taxi because it makes my everyday travel easier and faster.  It’s a bit expensive but it’s more convenient than taking a jeepney – especially when you are from Cavite and you are working in Mckinley Area – it takes 3-4 rides before I can get to my destination.


After bumping in to a blog post about UBER yesterday, I immediately downloaded the application, explored it and checked reviews about it.


UBER Application



After my research, I decided on trying it out. 🙂 After work, I launched the app and made a pick up request. Ten minutes after it was confirmed, the driver arrived. Irish was very polite and was always smiling. He also made sure that I was comfortable throughout the trip.


The application shows the name of the driver, type of car, plate number and how long you have to wait for the car/driver to arrive.



I got a new black Toyota Altis. They also have  Ford Focus, Toyota Camry, Mercedes Benz, and BMW.

Their rate is more expensive compared to regular taxis (PhP 40 flag down rate plus PhP 70 for Grab Taxi, PhP 3.50 every 300m and every 2 minutes of wait time)  but I do not mind paying higher with the convenience, safety, reliability and the customer service (like opening the door when getting out of the car, no tampered meters, driver won’t force you to pay extra or give a tip etc.) that they provide.


Clear Pricing


They will also inform you in case there is a Price Surge.


I was notified a few minutes later that they were back to their regular rates.


The whole trip took almost an hour – since it was a Friday. The fare was supposed to be PhP 312, but since I have free credits (PhP 300 + PhP 500 off on my first ride), my credit card was not charged at all. Free Ride!


A receipt was sent after the trip.


If you are going to a party and you don’t want to drink and drive or you can’t use your car because of the color coding scheme or you just want to try UBER and have your personal driver – download the app and use the promo code WNCB1 to get PhP300 credits (they used to give 1000 – sayang!).


IOS and Android users can download the app. 🙂


Update: Used UBER again yesterday – Twice!


More UBER Rides 🙂



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