Why I Would Watch Maxie The Musicale


I’m sure a lot of you heard of an indie film that stirred up some emotions when it invaded the theaters. It was 2005 (supposedly the dawn of the new millennia – when human thinking should have evolved into a more enlightened frequency) and yet the plot proved how immature most Filipinos were when it comes to the topic of homosexuality.  The hypocrites and bigots gasped in unison – shouting blasphemy while the critics hailed Auraeus Solito’s Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros (The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros). It was fresh and dare I say an Epic… SUCCESS!


Heck, I’m not a movie critic nor would I claim to be an expert so you won’t hear me complain about the script or the acting. One thing stood out when I finally get to see this classic – for a straight guy to watch a film about a 12-year-old boy who developed a crush on Kuya Victor and not get queasy, awkward or whatever you would feel whenever you witness an inappropriate cheesy scene – then that tells me they already achieved something spectacular. I laughed, got teary-eyed and downright enjoyed the whole ride. My favorite part was when Maxie was shown getting primped for his first day at school. It was an honest scene that will always give me hope. That despite adversities and shortcomings – there will always be happy endings, if only you would work for it.


Just like a normal human being who would try to make good things last – I clamored for more!  The brethren prayed long and hard … then the clouds roared in a drumroll-like symphony – as Bit by Bit Company slowly came down from heaven – bearing the good news.  Finally, an exclusive event last August 23, 2013 at Cultural Center of the Philippines was held to officially launch MAXIE THE MUSICALE: ang pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros.


Invitation and Ticket to Patikim ng Shlight


I was somewhat skeptic coming in to this kick-off party, though admittedly – a musical adaptation is nothing short of being a fantastic idea. So being a virgin in theatre arts (yep, never seen an actual play before – and yep, not even in school), I anticipated nervously for the “party” to start. Once everything unraveled and the instruments rolled – I went to a familiar territory.  They did a couple of scenes and played some of the songs – I fell in love! The songs (for me) were what you would call “sapul” – for you can feel the emotions put into words, not just some flowery and mushy lines interpreted by the artist but the connection of all who were involved in the creative process. From one songwriter to another – their team definitely kicked some glittery behinds! Since the night was appropriately dubbed as “Patikim ng Shlight”, we were only treated to an Hors d’oeuvre that will leave you enticed for the main course even more!



Maxie and Kuya Victor
Grabbed from Maxie The Musicale December 7, 2013 Saturday 8PM Page


We were also looped in to the entire process of how this wonderful project came about and their challenges in finding Maxie. Hundreds have auditioned but the xfactor just wasn’t there. Until they saw this clip (No, it’s not Sir Willie Revillame!?)



One may say that the concept of a Maximo Musical was only perceived after seeing this youtube video. But it’s just that good old story – plain destiny, baby!


From the kick-off event to the actual run, Maxie The Musicale would always get rave reviews that even had Jun Robles Lana (Playwright, Screenwriter and TV & Film Director) say that is one of the best musicals he has seen in a while.


Photo from Juliene Mendoza


I have already booked myself a December 7, 2013 play date coz the sellers for this day are sharing part of the proceeds  to the victims of Yolanda. Our country has been through a lot these couple of months and it’s always great to see organizations/groups make an effort to help ease the burden.


Maxie is now a timeless character of the Philippine movies and I would love to relive the different flavors the story has to offer. It will always be a feel good movie that, I think (again, I’m not an expert so forgive me if the term is inappropriate), has succeeded in its satirical attempt.


For inquiries for a December 7, 2013 (8PM| PETA) play date, contact the following:

Onay Sales 0917.908.0565

Ma-Ann Alimagno 0917.593.5895

Jayme del Rosario 0927.202.2017

Robert Ceazar Marzan 0922.888.5348







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